Job Description
- FabLabs Management - Participate in the layout of the workplaces. - Ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of equipment (machines, furniture, etc.). - Ensure the technical and administrative management of the space, in particular through the implementation of internal regulations, access management, registrations and schedules. - Coordinate visits and ensure compliance with the operating charter and the use of equipment. - Interact with other Fablabs in the network in the group to consolidate the maker community. - Document, share good practices and evaluate methods according to a plan. - Maintain an inventory of the technical resources of the Fablab Solidaire. - help in the design of training according to the different target populations. - Report to director indicators relating to finance and business development. - FabLab Animation. - Organize and promote events related to the Fablabs and innovation Hub. - Set up an event calendar to support the notoriety of the FabLabs. - Ensure the documentation of projects carried out in the Fablab Solidaire. - Supporting idea bearers, Startups in the realization of their projects. - Develop technological solutions for different projects. - Manage Innovation HUB operations planning and space from A to Z. - Develops relations with companies and partners. - Ensures the monitoring of trainees work placement and continuous evaluation and contracts. - Develops the fab labs and innovation hub offering and positioning. - Recruiting all department team. - Coordinating the sourcing and finance processes on contracts with partners. - Welcoming new cohorts and ensuring they are well-integrated. - keep connection with graduates. - Participating in trainee progress stages and evaluation. - Setting academy KPIS and monitor and report performance against set indicators and plans - Manage any other responsibility requested by the director.

Job Requirements
- Bachelor in IT , Computer Science , Computer Engineering. - 10-12 years of experience. - MBA is a plus. - Interest in the theme of Fablabs and innovation hubs and their challenges. - Knowledge and use of numerically controlled machines (milling machine, laser engraver, 3D printers). - Skills in open source 2D and 3D digital design tools, software development (Processing, Pure Data, Open Framework…) and electronics (Arduino, RaspberryPi).    

Special video required about the following:
No special requirements

Job Title
Fabrication Labs & Innovation Hub Manager ( 3 Years Contract )
Job Type
Job Location
Amman, Jordan
Career Level
Experience Required
10+ years
Computer Engeneering, Computer Science, Information Technology
English, Arabic
Required Skills
Interpersonal, Leadership, Organizational, Strategic thinking, Teamwork, Manage Technology