Job Description
Build quarterly / monthly roadmap of proactive campaigns and actions for all PM products under Res & Pro segments, based to priorities, business needs, and churn trends. - Manage outbound channels budget, resources & targets based to roadmap, priorities, targets & actions. - Analyze all products bases by studying behaviors, consumptions & churn trends , to define all the needed actions and best solutions for each product to be done. - Strategize, manage and execute weekly / monthly marketing base management campaigns. - Analyze & assess campaigns results, feedback to identify strength and weakness points, and fix the weaknesses in future campaigns to enhance the results. - Calculate revenues & achievements of all base management actions in addition to study the ROI for each campaign / action. - Evaluate outbound channels and enhance the weaknesses for each channel. - Manage contact plan of the base, to avoid overlapping between outbound campaigns. - Work on external / internal projects related to the departement functions and obejctives. - Manage & analyze churn & retention programs performance within all channels. - Manage & design needed market researches that related to churn analysis, for all PM products, and define the weakness points to be covered by suggested solutions and actions. - Manage Hayyak project and teams, analyze their perfomance, define their needs, design retention programs and solutions to empower them in order to increase their retention and reduce the churn. - Prepare weekly / monthly dashboards. - Manage retention commission & value grids with all stake holders. - Manage the monthly UCR committee. - Creativity: suggest new programs / solutions and campaigns with creative and new ideas.

Job Requirements
University degree in Marketing, Computer Science , Telecommunications or related field - minimum 5-8 years experience in related field, with minimum 3 years experience in Marketing and management - Related experince in Telecom industry

Special video required about the following:
No special requirements

Job Title
Marketing Expert
Job Type
Full Time
Job Location
Abdali Boulevard, Amman, Jordan
Career Level
Experience Required
5-7 years
Computer Science, Marketing, Telecommunication Engineering
English, Arabic
Required Skills
analysis, management, design, innovative, solutions, communication, presentation, creative, trends, marketing